HDW Player Download

What is HDW player?

HDW Player is a full length video player developed in HTML5 and Flash As3. It helps in publishing your own videos also embed videos from video sharing websites like YouTube, dailymotion, vimeo, etc.

HDW Player also lets you publish your live events real time to the whole world with simplest installation steps. This video player supports RTMP, HTTP, Amazon, Bitgravity streaming options.

Apart from publishing and displaying videos, HDW Player has earning options as well. Monetize your video player with Google ads, Ads of other publishers and also your own custom ads. Make use of our ads solutions in earning via your videos.

Can the customer support be reached at any time?

We work from Monday to Saturday. We are on the time zone of +5.30 GMT which may be different from some of the users. We are on different time zone, but we are very much reachable. We have email support, live chat support (which is live most of the times), forum support and ticket support. Hit any of our support teams to get quick replies. If the time zone is different please wait for us to look at your needs.

How does hdw player Licensing works ?

We automatized the licensing system for HDW Player. When you subscribe to any of our packages, you will be receiving an email from our sales team (which is automated too) with the transaction id. This transaction id is very important.

Please always use a email id which is functional. We will be sending you the transaction id to the email id that you have registered with us. It is always advised that the user registration email and the payment email are identical. If there are any issues in email, let us know and we will look at it.

Once you receive the transaction id, just enter it to the websites "Getting license" tool and you will receive the license key for the specified domain.

If there are any issues in getting the license and you are from a different time zone, we request you to wait until we look at the issue and solve it. At any case, we will be replying emails within 12 hours (except on Sundays).

How to get the hdw player commercial license key?

We accept payments through paypal or Western Union or through International Bank Transactions. You can use your credit card and pay via paypal.

Once the payment is received you will get an email from our sales team confirming the sales with the order id. Also, you will receive the transaction id on the email.

You are advised to enter the transaction code in the Pricing page of our website. Please take note that you enter a valid transaction id that is sent and also a working email id. You can enter the transaction id only one time.

You will be then taken to the next step, which is entering the domain name. Always enter the domain name with "http" For example, "http://www.mydomain.com"

If you receive an error check the domain name and ensure the use of http://

Your license key, which is an alphanumeric code will be then sent to your email id.

How about customization?

You can customize the video player as per your requirements. Users can customize the look of the video, but if there are any options required you can hire our developers for the customization. You are requested to send an email to admin@hdwplayer.com for customization requests.


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