HDW Player Download

Adding HDW Player to Product

Create a database of the videos under each category. For example, if there are 10 videos on a particular mobile product, all the videos related to that mobile phone can to be categorized under Model x.

Under products, the particular product the video has to be show is to be selected. Click on 'Edit' on the particular product. This will bring in all the details of the product right from description to the keywords.

Select the tab 'Videos' There is a separate field with 'Add Video (Enter the video title)'.





Add VideoEnter the video name in this field which will be added to particular product.

Video Title - Title of the Video.

Player Size (W X H) - This is used to define the player size. Player size will be affected only on product page.

Position - Position of the player. Now HDW Player has 3 positions, these are top, left and tab on the product page.

Status - This is used to Enabled (or) Disabled the Video.

Sort Order - This is used to sort the video on product list and also sort the thumb image of the videos which will be added to particular product.