HDW Player Download

How to install HDW Player

You must install the extension per the instructions in order for it to run.

In order to successfully install the extension please follow these instructions:


  1. VQmod is required to use this Extension. (www.vqmod.com)
  2. Unzip the hdwplayer_xx_.zip
  3. Upload the contents to the root directory of your Opencart installation



  1. If you install the earlier version of this extension please remove the file 'vqmod/xml/hdwplayer_catalog.xml' and vqmod/xml/hdwplayer_admin.xml'
  2. From the admin menu, go to 'Admin->Users->User Groups'.



  1. Select the "Top Administrator" (unless you are using some other group).



  1. Check the entries for 'catalog/hdwplayer' giving both modify and access permission. Then save.



  1. From the admin menu, go to 'catalog->hdwplayer' and add a videos you need.



  1. From the admin menu, go to 'catalog->products' and edit a product, you should see an extra 'tab' called 'Video' which will allow you to add videos to a product.



  1. From the admin menu, go to 'Extensions/Modules' and install the hdwplayer module, you need add hdwplayer on your site.