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Adding Videos to HDW Player


HDW Player is Unique with it's Video Integration. It support Several Video methods and 3rd party Videos like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc...

Either you can upload the Video directly from your Hard disk (or) you can just upload the Video to your server using FTP client and use DIRECT URL method to add it to HDW Player.

YOUTUBE and DAILYMOTION videos are added by using the Video Page URL.

The Player is completely built-in Flash. So, some of the global video formats like WMV, AVI are not supported directly by the player. In such cases the player has support for online video converter like FFMPEG. Just what all you need is to install the FFMPEG in your server and provide its installation path to the appropriate field in Player Settings page and upload the video by selecting FFMPEG UPLOAD method in Videos section. This Method additionally require FLVTOOL2 to be installed in your server.

We strongly suggest you to refer all the available options and the definitions in Videos section before proceeding further.

Adding a New Video to HDW Player

  1. Go to Site Admin > Components > HDW Player > Videos.
  2. Click on the New button.
  3. Provide the Title for the Video.
  4. Select appropriate Video Type & Add Video, Thumb & Preview Images to the Page. Video Types such as YOUTUBE & FFMPEG UPLOAD doesn't require thumb & preview images as they are generated dynamically from the viedeo.
  5. Select the Category in which you like to categorize the video. You can also leave it as 'None' but the best practice would be adding it under any category.
  6. Tick this option, if you like the video to be added with Featured Video Module.
  7. The most important thing is to Publish the Video. Else the Video cannot be seen in front-end. 
  8. Keywords / Tags are used by HDW Player Search Module.