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Creating Video Categories

In Wide Range of Video Management, it is necessary to create categories and manage your videos under it. HDW Player simple User Interface allow you to manage them easy. We assume that you have referred the videos & category section to proceed further with this page. Else Please refer them below,

There are two essential steps needed to be taken to create a New Video Category

  1. Create a Category Name under Components > HDW Player > Category.
  2. Add / Edit a Video under Components > HDW Player > Videos tab and assign it to the particular Category Name using the Category Drop Down.

Technical Limitations

Always we advise you to have your Category Name in English and avoid using special characters like '&', '/', etc...

To be Noted

Sometimes you may need to change your Category Name. In such cases, the videos categorized under the Old Category name doesn't change automatically to the new Name. So, you will have to edit those videos again and re-assign them to the new Category Name.