HDW Player Download

Adding HDW Player to Menu:

The updated version of Joomla 1.7 has made it more user-friendly. Though the options are the same for adding a component, plugin or a module the look and feel has been updated. For adding HDW Player component to a menu, click Menu Manager under Menus, then select Add New button to create a new Menu for HDW Player. The drop-down list under Menu Manager has the option to choose the Menus (that are already created by you) where you want the player to be assigned.

For example, say I have chosen User Menu (the default menu at Joomla 1.7) and selected Add New from the popped-up menu. Now the resultant window would have the following fields:

  1. Main Menu Type
  2. Menu Title
  3. Menu Location

There are so many other options that are not part of our focus.

Click on the Main Menu Type to see a pop-up window. Select Add Player under HDW Player category. This would add the player to the menu that you need your player to be assigned.

Give Title to the Menu on Menu Title and the location that you need the player to be aligned under Menu Location.

 The above steps would add the player successfully to your website. Common experiment it and let us know if you face any issues.