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HTTP Psuedo Streaming

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HTTP Pseudostreaming does not work by default on any webserver. A serverside module is needed to enable it. Here are the two most widely used (and open source) modules for this:

In addition to using a serverside module, pseudostreaming can be enabled by using a serverside script (in e.g. PHP or .NET) and http property with HDW Player. We do not advise this, since such a script consumes a lot of resources, has security implications and can only be used with FLV files.

Required Properties

type - lighttpd
video - Video URL



	<title>Sample Integration</title>
	<script src="player/js/majhdwplayer.js"></script>
	<script src="player/js/html5.hdwplayer.js"></script>

<div id="player" class="hdwhtml5player" style="height:360px; width:640px;"></div>

	id        : 'player',
	swf       : 'player/player.swf',
	width     : '705',
	height    : '400',
        type      : 'lighttpd',
        video     : 'http://h264-demo.code-shop.com/demo/apache/tee-bakom-pod.mp4',
        autoStart : 'true'