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Video Ads

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HDW Player will serve your ads seamlessly and simply by giving the VAST / VPAID / VMAP ad tag url to the HDW Player.

Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) specification is a universal XML schema for serving ads to digital video players.
Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition (VPAID) establishes a common interface between video players and ad units, enabling a rich interactive in-stream ad experience.
Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP) specification is an XML template that video content owners can use to describe the structure for ad inventory insertion when they don’t control the video player or the content distribution outlet.
As far as the customization of HDW Player is concerned, displaying ads does have the same. So that, you would be able to customize the colors of ad’s progress bar, border, background and few more. Now, HDW Player has become a VAST compliant video player which can handle nearly all types of ads namely
  • Linear ads (pre, mid and post-roll).
  • Non-linear ads.
  • Companion ads.
  • TrueView In-Stream ads (Skippable Linear ads).
  • VMAP ads.

Required Properties

adsXML  - URL of the Vast/V-Paind to be played.
adType - Currently HDW Player has three types to  play ads inside the player.
pre - Default type and Ads will be played at the beginning of the the playpack.
mid - Ads will be played while playing video.
post - Ads will be played at the end of the playback



	<title>Sample Integration</title>
	<script src="player/js/hdwplayer.js"></script>
<div id="player"></div>

	id        : 'player',
        swf       : 'player/player.swf', 
        width     : '707', 
        height    : '400' ,
        adsXML   : 'Enter your ads tag',
        adType   : 'pre',
        video : 'http://hdwplayer.com/player/videos/300.mp4', 
        autoStart : 'true' 


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