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Showing Google Ads

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Displaying Google Adsense over the Player.

Required Properties

adsense - adsense.php that contains the Google Adsense Script

Creating adsense.php

1. Open notepad from your system.
2. Copy the Google Adsense Script from your adsense account(google) and paste it in the notepad.
3. Save the file as adsense.php
4. Copy the file to your server. (Provide this file path as adsense input to the player)

type - video
video - URL of the Video



	<title>Sample Integration</title>
	<script src="player/js/majhdwplayer.js"></script>
	<script src="player/js/html5.hdwplayer.js"></script>

<div id="player" class="hdwhtml5player" style="height:360px; width:640px;"></div>

	id        : 'player',
        swf       : 'player/player.swf', 
        width     : '707', 
        height    : '400' ,
        adsense   : 'player/ads/adsense.php',
        video     : 'http://hdwplayer.com/player/videos/300.mp4',
        autoStart : 'true'