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Generally HDW Player uses Adobe Flash Technology to deliver the Video over internet. But still the mobile devices doesn't have support for Adobe Flash. So, we are in hurry to look for the alternative to deliver the video over it. While HTML5 video is still very early in its development, It is a Good News that most of the Mobile Devices support HTML5 <video> tag. So, HDW Player has just opened the support for HTML5 fallback for Mobiles.

All you need to make your video to be compatible with IDevices is just encoding it with right codec. HDW Player Embedding Mechanism automatically detects the Mobile Devices and creates the fallback in HTML5.

The following example works with IPhone / IPad / Android

There are certain Limitations for the PlayBack in Mobile Devices. Please check them Below :

Technical Limitations

1. Your Video should be any of the following Type :

Video should be in MP4 (or) M4V format with H.264 Video Codec and AAC Audio Codec.

HTML5 supported Youtube Videos.

HTML5 supported Dailymotion Videos.

2. Video cannot be viewed in context on the iPhone - video is always viewed in fullscreen in the native playback application.

3. Video cannot be started programmatically - users must click on the screen to trigger playback. Additionally, no visual elements sitting over the <video> will receive click events while the video is visible (playing or paused).

4. Volume can only be controlled via the built-in controlbar and the device controls.

5. Javascript API is not supported.

Encoding Guidelines

HDW Player strongly recommend to use Handbrake to make your videos compatible with both computers and Mobiles. The Output format should be M4V.

Handbrake Download Link : http://handbrake.fr/

How to Use : Please refer ENCODING H.264 VIDEO WITH HANDBRAKE section from http://diveintohtml5.org/video.html