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Licensing WordPress HDW Player

HDW Player is completely free to use. But we have hard-coded some text inside the Player. We charge a little amount of money to remove this in term of Licensing. Licensing the player will allow you to remove the hard-coded text and add your Own Logo instead. For this you will have to get the commercial key and package from our sales team and update commercial package to free package using ftp and add License key in the licensing section of the plugins.

To Add the License Key

  1. First of all, after making payment and sending a mail to sales@hdwplayer, please look out for the attachment wordpress_commercial_package.zip (note that the version may change; the version while creating this document is Version 1.4) with the mail that you would receive.
  2. After you download the package then extract this zip format and update your free version package via ftp.
  3. Congrats, You have successfully updated HDW Player Plugin.

Now, please follow the step-by-step procedure to enter License Key

  1. Go to Site Admin > HDW Player > License.
  2. Provide the License Key in the license key field. The License key is alpha numeric and it works domain specific, that is if you are using the license key for www.mydomain.com you could not be able to use it on www.my-domain.com though the contents are same for both the web sites.

Other benefits with the commercial license

By obtaining the commercial license you are entitled to some of the privileges that you could not get using the free version. The privileges are listed here.

Ownership and branding

You could have your own company logo in the place of the HDW Player logo if you are a commercial user. There is no restriction for the size (kb) of the logo, but only three formats are supported: jpeg, gif, and png.

Position of logo

There are five default positions that you can place your logo on. The default would be Top left, you can change it according to your plans.

Logo Alpha

Logo Alpha defines the transparency of the logo; if kept as 0% logo would not be visible and 100% the logo is at its full visibility.

Logo Target 

You can provide a link for the logo in Logo Target option. The target could be your own web site home page.