HDW Player Download

Player Settings 

WidthWidth of the player to be shown in page.
HeightHeight of the player to be shown in page.
Skin ModeCurrently HDW Player has two modes for the skin.
  • static - Default mode and skin will be static inside the player.
  • float - Skin will be displayed only on moving the cursor inside the player.
Stretch TypeScaling of the Video. Currently HDW Player has 4 scale types.
  • Fill - Video will be scaled to fill the player stage in uniform. This is the default method and the edges of the video may be trimmed based on the video size.
  • Uniform - Video will be scaled evenly to fit the player stage and this is the recommended method.
  • Original - Video will be displayed with it's original size inside the player.
  • Exact Fit - Video will be stretched to fit the player size. So the video may look hard, if the player and video sizes are diferent.
Buffer TimeThis should be a Numeric value from 0 - 10. This property is used to gather given seconds of video data in advance to play the video. Buffer seconds are used to improve the video performance in Progressive Downloaded Videos. The default value is 3.
Volume LevelThis should be a Numeric value from 0 - 100. This property is used to control the default volume of the player. The default value is 50.
AutoplayOption to Enable (or) Disable the video playback to start automatically on page Load without any user input. By default the Option is Disabled.


Video Settings 

Single VideoSelect single video option for assign single video to player
Video IDID of video which video need you to display on player. Video ID listed in video list grid under video tab.
PlaylistSelect playlist option to add playlist on player.
Choose your playlistChoose playlist name which playlist need you to display on player.
Playlist AutoplayOption to start the Next Video automatically at the end of the Current Playing Video.
Playlist OpenOption allows to keep open the Playlist by default.
Playlist RandomPlay Random videos.
Display GalleryChoose display option to list video thumb image under player on page.
Choose Your GalleryChoose gallery name which gallery settings need you to display on page


Enable / Disable Skin Elements 

ControlBarThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the Control Bar from the Player.
PlayPause DockThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the PlayPause Dock from the Player.
ProgressBarThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the Progress Bar from the Player.
Timer DockThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the Timer Dock from the Player.
Share DockThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the Share Dock from the Player.
Volume DockThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the Volume Dock from the Player.
FullScreen DockThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the Fullscreen Dock from the Player.
PlayDockThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the Play Dock from the Player.
PlayListThis option allow you Show (or) Hide the Playlist from the Player.